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We all need…

All of Us
All of us have secrets.
All of us wander at times.
All of us have faith that wavers.
All of us at times feel inadequate.
That’s why all of us need something more than us.
~Nathaniel Bronner Jr.~
Ain’t that the truth!  No matter what we all need something more, we all struggle. 
It is kind of encouraging to think of those we idealize still being as human as we
find ourselves being.  That is why we are told to share and encourage one another.
God created this need in us to draw us to Him, we tend to try and fill it with things, people,
hobbies and what ever it is that we think will satisfy us.  It is always good to set aside time
to prioritize and identify what we value, where we spend our energy, time and talent.
Oh thinking of time.. I am getting a Mandolin!!  Not sure if I will be able to learn to play, but my
mom hooked me up with a tonne of stuff!!  If anyone ever needs anything researched,
just ask me to express interest and my mom will jump on it!!  She is wonderfully encouraging!!
Thanks MOM!!  Thanks Lord for giving me a caring family, it is a special gift not everyone receives,
and I need to learn to appreciate it!!

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