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Do penguins ever marvel at the snow?

Today I got to walk in a wonderful snowglobe called Kindersley Saskatchewan aka Canadian winter. I thought of my latest painting and thought about a penguin looking at the snow in wonder.
Do penguins get enchanted by the snow like I do? My heart soars and I am alive.
I had some bad news this morning. I found out I lost a friend. He died and I just feel a bit lost…but the snow still fills me with wonder. He would have kicked up the snow with me I am sure.


Enchanted penguin by Theresa M Janzen December 20 2014


Travelled lines


Patterns of life in snow

The bell rings,
A smile shows,
Talk to neighbors in the store.

Boots go stomping,
Horns a honking,
Friendly banter and then the go.

Spring…oh yes


Dirty snow slowly revealed through glorious thaw

Feel the snow crunch

Well it sure is crunch time now as we melt our way out of the Northern Alberta frost. I love how my HTC Amaze captured a gentle pink hue in the snow. Probably colourcast from my jacket thanks to the blazing sun. Still a wonderful shot that reminds me of crisp clean air and warm sunshine.

Merry Christmas!


Merry Christmas all!