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I luvs me some Sharpie


#SharpieLove Marker on paper drawn freehand by Theresa Janzen November 10 3014

Oh my Sharpies and make a mystery oh yes my Sharpies!

I am not sure why I enjoy grabbing a permanent marker and a blank sheet with no planning and just go for it. I wish I could plan at times but usually it is draw and see.

This octopus was itching to come out. I knew how I would draw it before I started and I guess it is close enough to satisfy my creative side. Finally at peace and not feeling the need to draw…which I hope comes again soon. I will keep my Sharpies close by.


I moved…Look at this


I pinned a Dragon


Original sketch copyright by Theresa March Janzen

Hope someone enjoys my style! I do …wait. ..I’m someone…SUCCESS!

Northwestern musing


Pen to paper, lines unleashed

People often ask where my inspiration comes from. To be honest I’m not sure. I enjoy the space in between the lines, and the order found there in. It just makes sense, and yet it is open to interpretation.

A little summer thought


Marker on canvas

My latest canvas board


Art by Theresa Janzen


My favorite part

My favorite part is the buds. I really need to fill in the white space…or plan it out.



Rainbow asked me to sketch a flower.


Sketching everyday things

Still life

The picture

IMAG1229So people did not show up to my Meetup, but I had to wait a bit just incase. I needed something to draw and there were 2 boxes and a wire cart. As I drew they kept adding boxes. I didn’t notice them add the last one till it was too late. I showed my sketch to a Croatian lady on the bus and she liked it. We had a great chat all the way from 29th ave to 1st. I really think this spontaneous drawing, once suggested by Marker, will really improve my confidence and my ability. I still think anyone can learn to draw, but they have to have the desire to practice. Most people are embarrassed by their efforts. I have really learned this term that even a poorly proportioned drawing can lead to a great art, poster, idea or comic. The Croatian lady liked my bent guitar as well…maybe even better. Ha ha. It was great talking to her. She used to work for Woodwards as a seamstress, but that was 25 years ago. Now she works with plastic canvas since her eye sight is failing. I should have gotten her number, I would live to hear her story and maybe see her pictures. I do know where she attends church.

Bus stop drawing


Sketch by Theresa Janzen

The bus past 6 times over-full. But I had a nice chat with a chef. She and I eventually walked the 26 minutes to our destination.
Plus I drew this drawing while waiting.

Today I had a lovely day. I need to work smarter not harder.


Dusty Greenwell Park

Love this photo near Dusty ….Park. I forget the name… I should have taken a pic of the sign… Wait I will google it. Dusty Greenwell Park.

Peeling the layers of an assignment


Okay, so today ended up being a home day. Not much happened besides research and replying to emails. I came up with some cool cover ideas for Thursday’s class, but I will need to execute them digitally.
Tomorrow I’m off to VPL to see about photo art table books.

I drew this one. I’m learning to plan my sketches, but I hope to retain the freedom to just draw.

Purple people eater

Well purple was right!





My nephew wants me to draw an anime character for him… This will take time as I figure out how to start… So far I drew this chick!