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360 degrees of Saskatchewan Sky


360...well more like 340 degree Panoramic view of Saskatchewan Prairie and clouds

I talked to a photographer. ..he quit talking to me when I said the only camera I really use is my Cell. Phone. Guess he doesn’t think there is any value in it or anything to discuss.

Value in my phone…
1. Availability. I always have it with me because of it’s multiple uses.
2. Shareability. I can manipulated, post, text, SnapChat and email my pictures right away.
3. Size. My phone is compact.
4. Quality and purpose. I had to put these two together but they could stand alone. My phone has more than enough quality for my porpose. Phone cameras have come a long way in quality as well.

I guess what I am saying is use the camera that suits your need. If I was a bird watcher I would need a good zoom which my phone does not have…but I am more a bug and flower watcher. My phone does macro fairly well, enough for my purpose right now.


Look mom! A bug.... this reminds me of a story sbout a sandwich...

I love SLRs and Point N Shoot too. I am no pro but I won’t let that stop me from documenting my life.

Sorry if this is a rant. I’m sure he was really just disappointed he couldn’t sell me a camera.


Christmas secret gifts


My bow in his natural habitat...or a Canadian Prairie landscape by Theresa Janzen

I love this painting.…drawing, and the man in it.

Take time…

To sit in photobooths…don’t smell them though.


Saskatoon Photobooth labels


Strangely normal things on the Saskatchewan Prairies.

Strangely normal things on the Saskatchewan Prairies.

Interesting weed bloom with a train in the background.

Dragon spotting in Saskatchewan

We survived…and were not eaten.


Dancing Dragon of Moose Jaw

We even got a scale for proof!


Dragon scale modified