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I luvs me some Sharpie


#SharpieLove Marker on paper drawn freehand by Theresa Janzen November 10 3014

Oh my Sharpies and make a mystery oh yes my Sharpies!

I am not sure why I enjoy grabbing a permanent marker and a blank sheet with no planning and just go for it. I wish I could plan at times but usually it is draw and see.

This octopus was itching to come out. I knew how I would draw it before I started and I guess it is close enough to satisfy my creative side. Finally at peace and not feeling the need to draw…which I hope comes again soon. I will keep my Sharpies close by.


My octopus has a home. Work on canvas


Work on canvas by Theresa Janzen

It took some thought and a little whimsy, but finally I built my octopus a home.

I love the colour and the mystery. My nephew and I argued (in jest) whether or not it was an alien habitat or truly a water world. Ha ha who knows really when you let your imagination out of the box.