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Christmas secret gifts


My bow in his natural habitat...or a Canadian Prairie landscape by Theresa Janzen

I love this painting.…drawing, and the man in it.


My octopus has a home. Work on canvas


Work on canvas by Theresa Janzen

It took some thought and a little whimsy, but finally I built my octopus a home.

I love the colour and the mystery. My nephew and I argued (in jest) whether or not it was an alien habitat or truly a water world. Ha ha who knows really when you let your imagination out of the box.


Marking up the sky…


Art by Theresa Janzen

A sampler in pattern, line and repetition. Marker on canvas by Theresa Janzen.

A little summer thought


Marker on canvas

Theresa has a sick dau


Captured line

This was inspired by Sherlock and a fever.

“who used the green marker?”


Death of a green Sharpie

I was hoping to finish today, but my marker has no tip left lol…oops. Any suggestions on a background besides white? I was thinking a stain glass look or a fence, or maybe a simple pattern in a light grey?