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Fall 2015


My Fall 2015 collage

I got crafty and my hair was long. Rufus is a dufus but that’s a cat thing.


Just a rental


Cat scurrying across my yard

My new cat is perfect and never makes a mess. It sneaks in my yard to eat my mom’s dog’s food so I don’t have to feed it. It poops in neighbouring flowerbeds and never in ours…

Thanks for the mouser neighbor unknown. Hope it’s not a stray who thinks he found a home…the poodles are not convinced he should stay…well maybe Bubby, but that’s cause he is old.

Habits easily broken!

I really wanted to be posting each day, but then I decided I wanted more content.
Greek Days


Greek days dancing children

It was fun to see the culture and customs carried forward. Plus the costumes were great. Long lines for great food!

House inspector


Neighbor's cat finally sees my bathroom

Momo…he visits me in the backyard but I do not let him in… Guess I’m pretty relaxed on this break haha. He walked into my bathroom and started mewing, guess he wanted the light on so he could take a closer look!

He is well behaved and lets me pick him up and put him back outside. And he loves to be petted, which helps me not miss my cat who died.

My classes are done, I am getting a house guest for the next 7 days, my house is clean…enough and I’m 80% packed to go away after that!

Lost type



Someone lost some type. What is lost type? Is a typeface long forgotten also lost? How about Comic Sans, which has lost credibility as a typeface, is it lost? I hear Comic Sans is making a comeback and I say, “Jolly good! There are no rules, and if it suits your concept then it is right!”


Rock pile landscape

I saw this rubble pile and thought first of a tree on a rockface. You know how some trees cling to life in the small crags on a mountain. Amazing to think a tree can grow in a bucket of soil and throw it’s roots down deep to find the strength to survive and flourish as best as possible. Encouraging really. Look at the picture and see the cat looking at the blade of grass…Do you see it? You have to use your imagination, but when I saw it that’s all I see now.