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My creativity awakens…finally


Markers on canvas, abstract by Theresa Janzen

Sorry I have been away. I struggled with depression at times and if I don’t recognize what I am feeling I slowly isolate myself. I must relearn how to be a friend.
I am however blessed with positive loving people in my life. PTL


Frosty Ferns


Blue ferns make me look for fairies and smurfs.

Fairy building supplies found here. Roofing and window curtains. Possibly bedding.

Yes yes more fun with Pixlr. I tried the double exposure but it felt wrong so I just had some fun.

Would make a nice card or calendar picture.

360 degrees of Saskatchewan Sky


360...well more like 340 degree Panoramic view of Saskatchewan Prairie and clouds

I talked to a photographer. ..he quit talking to me when I said the only camera I really use is my Cell. Phone. Guess he doesn’t think there is any value in it or anything to discuss.

Value in my phone…
1. Availability. I always have it with me because of it’s multiple uses.
2. Shareability. I can manipulated, post, text, SnapChat and email my pictures right away.
3. Size. My phone is compact.
4. Quality and purpose. I had to put these two together but they could stand alone. My phone has more than enough quality for my porpose. Phone cameras have come a long way in quality as well.

I guess what I am saying is use the camera that suits your need. If I was a bird watcher I would need a good zoom which my phone does not have…but I am more a bug and flower watcher. My phone does macro fairly well, enough for my purpose right now.


Look mom! A bug.... this reminds me of a story sbout a sandwich...

I love SLRs and Point N Shoot too. I am no pro but I won’t let that stop me from documenting my life.

Sorry if this is a rant. I’m sure he was really just disappointed he couldn’t sell me a camera.

Hi again


Art by Theresa Janzen

Well it has been a while since I posted on my blog. I have no excuses. I am doing great and working hard.
How about you?


The quote is true... who would have thought I could draw this! Art by Theresa Janzen

I drew these mountains and sat back in surprise. Can I do it again?

Christmas secret gifts


My bow in his natural habitat...or a Canadian Prairie landscape by Theresa Janzen

I love this painting.…drawing, and the man in it.

Do penguins ever marvel at the snow?

Today I got to walk in a wonderful snowglobe called Kindersley Saskatchewan aka Canadian winter. I thought of my latest painting and thought about a penguin looking at the snow in wonder.
Do penguins get enchanted by the snow like I do? My heart soars and I am alive.
I had some bad news this morning. I found out I lost a friend. He died and I just feel a bit lost…but the snow still fills me with wonder. He would have kicked up the snow with me I am sure.


Enchanted penguin by Theresa M Janzen December 20 2014

I luvs me some Sharpie


#SharpieLove Marker on paper drawn freehand by Theresa Janzen November 10 3014

Oh my Sharpies and make a mystery oh yes my Sharpies!

I am not sure why I enjoy grabbing a permanent marker and a blank sheet with no planning and just go for it. I wish I could plan at times but usually it is draw and see.

This octopus was itching to come out. I knew how I would draw it before I started and I guess it is close enough to satisfy my creative side. Finally at peace and not feeling the need to draw…which I hope comes again soon. I will keep my Sharpies close by.

Notes in the music

Just watched August Rush. I love the message of hope, meaning and music. There is someone bigger than us, a plan greater than our own struggle and a purpose for breathing.

So I wrote a photoerty.


Photo and poem aka photoerty by Theresa M Janzen


The one that got away.


The One That Got Away by Theresa Janzen

I think we all have had something that gets away from us. Maybe that’s okay when it makes one appreciate what they have.
I aim to appreciate.

Saskatchewan Forest


The park near my work

You know how people talk about the tree well this is my tree. I’m not sure if it picked me or I picked it. All I know is I stare at it when arrive and leave work. It just seems right somehow.
I’m glad it is there.