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Hi again


Art by Theresa Janzen

Well it has been a while since I posted on my blog. I have no excuses. I am doing great and working hard.
How about you?


The quote is true... who would have thought I could draw this! Art by Theresa Janzen

I drew these mountains and sat back in surprise. Can I do it again?


I luvs me some Sharpie


#SharpieLove Marker on paper drawn freehand by Theresa Janzen November 10 3014

Oh my Sharpies and make a mystery oh yes my Sharpies!

I am not sure why I enjoy grabbing a permanent marker and a blank sheet with no planning and just go for it. I wish I could plan at times but usually it is draw and see.

This octopus was itching to come out. I knew how I would draw it before I started and I guess it is close enough to satisfy my creative side. Finally at peace and not feeling the need to draw…which I hope comes again soon. I will keep my Sharpies close by.

Life in Kindersley. ..a photo blog…um post


Photo of prairie flowers by Theresa Janzen


Panoramic view of the Kindersley Dam Walk


Sunset in Kindersley by Theresa Janzen


Great wall of Saskatchewan located 1.6km from Smiley SK. A wonder to behold.


Love the Legion Hall, sign and all.

Just a few photos of this mysterious place. Warm people in a windy land. Come one come all to Kindersley Saskatchewan. ..but you better make reservations because the rooms fill up fast!

The one that got away.


The One That Got Away by Theresa Janzen

I think we all have had something that gets away from us. Maybe that’s okay when it makes one appreciate what they have.
I aim to appreciate.

Experiments in creativity

Well I’ve been painting with markers for about a year now, so I thought time to play a bit more.

Step 1 draw something.


Something I drew, reminds me of a windmill

Step 2 play… Okay here I accidentally spilled more of the solution onto my image, washing it out more than I intended. Then I proceeded to step 3 before taking a picture…


Washed out canvas with the beginnings of step 3

Step 3 keep going. When things don’t go as planned, decide if there is potential. If yes, keep going; if no, keep trying.


My far. Not signed yet means possible alterations.

Northwestern musing


Pen to paper, lines unleashed

People often ask where my inspiration comes from. To be honest I’m not sure. I enjoy the space in between the lines, and the order found there in. It just makes sense, and yet it is open to interpretation.


Marking up the sky…


Art by Theresa Janzen

A sampler in pattern, line and repetition. Marker on canvas by Theresa Janzen.

Photo play

Mini photo shoot on my break.

So I played with a black surface, tried white, had a coworker join in holding a poster board to block the light…just had a few minutes of fun really.


A selection of some of the shots collected.

Then I played with them in Pixlr. Now I’m happy with a variety of results. Pixlar is getting powerful I think.


They look better on their own and large, but this is interesting too.

I’m back!

Diploma is in the mail! So I thought time to start my picture a day again. No more excuses…well unless I don’t find anything interesting.


Thao took my folks and I out on Dec 19 to see

some over-the-top decorations.

These houses are 2 blocks apart.

Evidence of a cover-up!


Superman exposure...stamped out

Proof intellectual type people pron to fantasy are taking over the world!