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360 degrees of Saskatchewan Sky


360...well more like 340 degree Panoramic view of Saskatchewan Prairie and clouds

I talked to a photographer. ..he quit talking to me when I said the only camera I really use is my Cell. Phone. Guess he doesn’t think there is any value in it or anything to discuss.

Value in my phone…
1. Availability. I always have it with me because of it’s multiple uses.
2. Shareability. I can manipulated, post, text, SnapChat and email my pictures right away.
3. Size. My phone is compact.
4. Quality and purpose. I had to put these two together but they could stand alone. My phone has more than enough quality for my porpose. Phone cameras have come a long way in quality as well.

I guess what I am saying is use the camera that suits your need. If I was a bird watcher I would need a good zoom which my phone does not have…but I am more a bug and flower watcher. My phone does macro fairly well, enough for my purpose right now.


Look mom! A bug.... this reminds me of a story sbout a sandwich...

I love SLRs and Point N Shoot too. I am no pro but I won’t let that stop me from documenting my life.

Sorry if this is a rant. I’m sure he was really just disappointed he couldn’t sell me a camera.


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