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To White Roses and the questions they pose


Close up of my Valentine's rose

These roses came through the doors of my store…the first question was “Who are they for?”  (sorry for rhyming but it’s fun)


A red marker came with my roses?

Upon closer inspection of the lower section did I spy the reason for the next question. “what is the marker for?”

I missed a question, though I’m not sure when it arose, frankly my thoughts were jumbled I suppose …”if this is for me…from whom could it be?”

“My Queen,” said the card in a pleasing tone. “It’s horrible! Please don’t off with your head. Here’s a marker, so you can paint your roses red.”

No signature needed to know who they are from…they are from my man…the sneaky bum!

*disclaimer: he said he was only giving me a card, so I was quite surprised! My friends have given me flowers in the past, and I wasn’t sure if these were a late congrats on my recent diploma. I only have one boyfriend, and I maintain that one is enough to train… And it seems my training is paying off! 🙂 I’m grateful, and appreciate him. Thanks again honey.


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