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Blessed Landlord in Vancouver

I found the best landlord ever.
* WiFi
* 1 bedroom
* ground floor
* cable
* washing machine (free)
* clothesline (my favorite dryer)
* great price
* near transit
* great neighbors, and neighborhood
* utilities included
* rides to and from school
* free counselor next door
* cat inspections (came for free petting)
* open door policy
* near PNE

Yup I had the best possible experience for living while in school. I trusted God to provide, and trusted Ming even though I rented the place without seeing it. God protected me from bad housing! Ah yes and so did Stewart from school, good advice!
And my landlord didn’t ask for a deposit the second time I rented there. He trusted me. Yup if anyone needs a place in Vancouver I can recommend a great place.
I’m very thankful about it too. I have blessed stories about housing and not horror stories.


Shoe on bench, garden mist


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