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I judge it’s fall


La Crete Fall Fair, Ferry Band Stand

I was graciously asked to judge the art portion of our Fall Fair 2013. It was harder than I thought, but also more rewarding.
The one thing I asked was to have another judge with me to confer with. Late Friday I got a call that the other judge couldn’t make it, and could I find a replacement. Ahhh!
I thought about who would be a good at critic, but they were already asked and unavailable. Then I thought of my friends who might like art and have an artistic eye. The first friend was crafty but she was busy. The second said yes if we were judging together.
We got a free breakfast and some good laughs in as well. What a good day.
Did you know you could do a selfie in a photo booth cutout thing.


Rach and my selfie

I didn’t but it was fun to learn.


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