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Habits easily broken!

I really wanted to be posting each day, but then I decided I wanted more content.
Greek Days


Greek days dancing children

It was fun to see the culture and customs carried forward. Plus the costumes were great. Long lines for great food!

House inspector


Neighbor's cat finally sees my bathroom

Momo…he visits me in the backyard but I do not let him in… Guess I’m pretty relaxed on this break haha. He walked into my bathroom and started mewing, guess he wanted the light on so he could take a closer look!

He is well behaved and lets me pick him up and put him back outside. And he loves to be petted, which helps me not miss my cat who died.

My classes are done, I am getting a house guest for the next 7 days, my house is clean…enough and I’m 80% packed to go away after that!


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