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IMAG1229So people did not show up to my Meetup, but I had to wait a bit just incase. I needed something to draw and there were 2 boxes and a wire cart. As I drew they kept adding boxes. I didn’t notice them add the last one till it was too late. I showed my sketch to a Croatian lady on the bus and she liked it. We had a great chat all the way from 29th ave to 1st. I really think this spontaneous drawing, once suggested by Marker, will really improve my confidence and my ability. I still think anyone can learn to draw, but they have to have the desire to practice. Most people are embarrassed by their efforts. I have really learned this term that even a poorly proportioned drawing can lead to a great art, poster, idea or comic. The Croatian lady liked my bent guitar as well…maybe even better. Ha ha. It was great talking to her. She used to work for Woodwards as a seamstress, but that was 25 years ago. Now she works with plastic canvas since her eye sight is failing. I should have gotten her number, I would live to hear her story and maybe see her pictures. I do know where she attends church.


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