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Vancouver Art Gallery sidewalk

People all have differing opinions about interpretations of things. Today at bible study we had as man who was closed to discussion about Jesus. He felt one must redeem himself to be saved, as if we could be good enough or nice enough or not sin. He really feels this is possible.
It is through Jesus we are saved. No one is without sin, we all have fallen short of the mark. If what he thinks is possible then Jesus suffered in vain.
Needless to say it was an interesting conversation. I’m not sure I will lead next week unless I know someone else I know will be there. He made comments and looked at me in a way that even made my friend worry. But he could just have been that way, and he wasn’t rude, just forceful in a way.
This trusting others in life is a tricky thing. I think I will trust my gut and be wary of this older guy. He may have a wife and two kids but he paid me too much attention.


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