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Guess I learned something in photography


Capilano U cuts art program

I learned to see things and
take the shot, as opposed to see
the shot and walk away

It is often easy just to look at something and think,
“wow that was cool. I will have to tell my friends!”
and not actually take the time to pull out the camera
and take the picture.

Snail at snail view

Where goeth thou little snail?

Sometimes you have to get down to gain a different perspective.

My photography teacher was always glad to see us get
our knees and hands dirty–even our bellies–for a good
shot. Sometimes it is necessary to get up on a bench, rock,
stump, rail…you name it! And sometimes it is necessary to
lie on the dirt, rocks, grass and floor to look eye to eye with
the subject! I was lucky that I did not have to lie on the wet
cement for this little buddy. I simply laid the edge of my
phone on the cement and clicked away.

Rose from Broadway Church

Mother’s Day Rose

Getting close reveals hidden details.

I love Macro, I love flowers, I even like bugs with marco!
Getting in really close you see the veins of the rose petal.
Though this is not the best shot of them all.

Dusty Mcgill Park Vancouver

Industrial buildings near the PNE Vancouver.

Exploration reveals new views.

Take a different route to work, walk down a different path and see what you are missing. You will either appreciate your old view or find something new and wonderful.

My friend Roshanna took me on a walking tour of my own backyard and we walked out onto this wonderful shot. Our world is full of a great many wonderful things, some man-made and some made by God. I like the combination of the industry and nature, it gives me hope for a brighter tomorrow.


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  1. Argh! I just do not get why the images are acting so wonky… Grrrr

    May 22, 2013 at 12:07 pm

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