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Weird day


Picasso style you see it?

Today was so full…but did I get enough accomplished?

* got one poster revamped before church
* went to C&B to mail a parcel b4 church only to find that particular post office is not open at that time…got OJ


Film crew

* walked past a movie crew caravan near church…felt like the circus was in town. I think I even smelt the animals. Memories of when I was a kid at a carnival or the port-a-potty I’m not sure.
* laughed in church, good message on marriage and how men & women think different.
* chatted with two older men at the bus stop, one thought the other looked like Sammie Davis Jr.
* saw the Satur bag pipper on the way…he wasn’t let on the bus because of his wild costume. I felt bad for him, but also wondered how he got so far from downtown?
* went to Donald’s market for veggies and bought food!
* met a Douglas graduate had an interesting chat on design…need business cards!
* went to a different post office and mailed the parcel. Then shopped more.
* ate food. avocado & tomato in a wrap!
* did more homework…a bit on everything. I need more focus tomorrow.
* 2nd poster done
* bed time now.


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