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Face in my housecoat

Face in my housecoat

Think abstract see the alien face looking pensively down.

I looked at my housecoat hanging on the wall and I saw a face from space! Eyes shadowed by a hood, a flat mouth, perhaps a mask.
Some how it made me think of Star Wars and some of the characters on the show. Long robes and masks or unusual faces.
I find it cool that my mind is purposed to see things that are more abstract and construct them into something I can explain to others. What an amazing instrument the mind is, yet so easily broken 😛
If you look back through my posts you will see my bird poop art…I promised not to take pictures of poop anymore, but yesterday I had to because it looked like an elephant. I won’t post it at this time, but maybe another day.
Keep on looking up and looking left and looking right and every once in a while, when it is safe, look down too. Our world is full of eye candy and adventures if we take the opportunity to explore the possibilities.


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