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US visitors


US visitors

I once had a friend who was a submarine guy. He was pretty cool and charming. Smart too!
We only knew each other online through a game he played to relax and I played to socialize. I developed a crush on him, which wasn’t hard to do at that time in my life. Any male attention was a surprise to me.
We stopped talking since our joking lead to feelings. Probably more in my head than his. I told him once that having an online persona was different than real life, but one needed to be careful about the words you say since they still carried weight.
I am more careful how I socialize online now, but I do not regret being outwardly social during that time of my life. I have some really good friends and some adventures meeting them too.
I marvel at my first trip to the US alone. What made me so daring? Why did that daring girl go hide again?
My folks are probably glad I’m not still planning trips off to meet people from my gaming days lol.


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