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Where were people looking in 2012

Sorry I removed the GIF I had because I was not sure who to credit it too.


Wow that is an amazing piece of 2012 history…right?

I just get this feeling that people are becoming more and more entertained by things that should disturb us, then again maybe this is normal?

Bombs in Boston and I am drawn to see “what happened?” Why do I need to see video or images? Do they distract from the real story of who did this and how this will change our world?

I am more full of questions today than answers as I research 2012 and watch 2013. Questions about why this Gangnam Style video became the most popular ever watched video. In a world full of more and more media which delivers countless stories of death, violence, environmental disasters, severe weather change, gossip, rapes, massacres and a few hidden positives it is no wonder people look to the absurd for a bit of relief. It is nice to look at silly entertainment that does not have a hidden agenda or a deeper meaning to figure out.

Do we escape too much and avoid the truth to the point of adding to the negatives? If I don’t look at the mud pouring down I won’t get dirty. Perhaps if I only open mail with flowers and smiley faces from people I trust and ignore the corporate white window envelopes bearing my name and financial information I can find true happiness and peace that will last. Ah yes this is the deeper truth about life.

Admittedly I open the white envelopes bearing good news and bad. Good news you have a new laptop and are getting an education, bad news you still have to pay for them! The flowery envelopes sure do make the bad news from the others a little less heavy though, but I couldn’t appreciate that if I didn’t open the white envelopes too!

So in conclusion…wait did I have a point? Oh yes, in conclusion keep up the good work world, but make sure to watch some heavy stuff with the light stuff and take the time to do your share of paying the bills. We can only do our part in making this a better world, or a lighter world for those that feel we have gone to far to make things better. Vote with a pen, your time, your voice or with your money. Invest in the bright side and reach out to those stuck in the dark. Don’t beat yourself up for not doing everything but rather be encouraged that you can do something. And do not forget to make time for things that make you laugh (well as long as they are not laughing at someone or hurting someone).


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