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Missing post

Not sure what happened to my post last night? It disappeared completely not even saved as a draft.


Beautiful fish and underwater displays at the Vancouver Aquarium. I went out on a rainy Friday to see my sister-in-law and a friend from back home. We had a great time and they let me see Vancouver again through the eyes of a new arrival. They crossed off a lot of firsts that I would have taken forgranted.
. First time on a city bus
. First ride on a train/subway system
. First time on a train in a tunnel
. First time in Vancouver

Those were the ones I remember, and the ones I just accept as normal these days. It’s interesting to think of the things going on in the world and how one person can be surprised by what someone else no longer notices.


Weird photo of school

Just a random photo… Not sure what the white stuff is, but I’m sure it isn’t frost.


Guess what this is!


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