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Meet-up Mania, Not that my calender sucks, but…


Theresa Gets sucked into her seemingly busy calender

Not that my calender sucks, but…

Ever feel like you are getting sucked into your calender of events? Well start saying yes to meet-ups and you too can feel like you are losing control of your time and life. This does not have to be the case! Just like anything else you are adding to your life you just need to know when to say yes, maybe or No.

Saying Yes is often easy. Everything looks fin and good, but then all of a sudden your yes overlaps another yes and then what?? Well then you are in a pickle, a bind and indeed possibly in lots of trouble!

Organization is important, as well as knowing your path in life. KNOW what is important to you! This will help you decide what to say yes to and what is an out right no. THere will be grey areas of the maybes, but that is why there is a maybe button.

Tomorrow is a Yes: Taking pictures of electric cars and innovations is a yes to me. I love gadgets and quirky stuff. I have never been to one of these car shows but I am going with a photography meet-up (my first time with them as well) So I shall have pictures, perhaps even a blog! Yeah!

Currently I am job hunting and one of the main things I al learning is that I need to keep organized. I need to know when I am busy working on well getting work and when I can allow distractions to have free reign. I am easily distracted as you might have guessed!

My survival is going to depend on me making my job hunting my job until I need to change my schedule to fit my job.


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