Thought conveyance portal.

When light enters the window darkness is revealed.


Sometimes in life we need to have someone open the blinds on our thoughts and actions. Someone to say “Excuse me? What do you think you are doing?” or per haps it is more like. “that was not very nice or considerate!”

This gives us the opportunity to change, apologize and grow in our lives. Sometimes it is really just a wake-up call when we are faltering or falling into a dark spot. It is a blessing, even when it feels like the end of the world. 

Usually I am a quiet and kind person. However there is a little girl inside me who likes to jokes and pranks. I have tried most desperately not to let her loose when it is dangerous or feelings will be hurt. But as the sneaky little girl she is every once in a while she escapes and I hurt someone through my thoughtless actions. Then I am reminded I need to take account of them and grow up.

I am learning I need to see the silver lining in these events and forgive myself for making mistakes. I am far from perfect and I need to keep that in mind. It is when I forget that I might make a mistake, or forget to consider all the ramifications that I walk head on into a wall of hurt. But it is wallowing in that hurt that is a trap as well. I spank the little girl in me too much, she can not always behave, she makes mistakes and I need to love her anyway. Teach her to listen and add one more thing not to do to her list of rules, but love her.

Luke 11:4

Forgive us our sins, for we also forgive everyone who sins against us. And lead us not into temptation.

Lord this is my prayer. Please Lord keep my eyes and heart alert to the things that might hurt others or myself. Guide my thoughts to be closer to you.


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