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Astronautical Voyage

My first voyage

This is my first marker on canvas work with my alien, astronaut and space ship. I like the lips and eyeballs as well.

Recently I have started a series of astronaut pictures. Each one has either the astronaut, alien or space ship in it. They really are depicting my voyage through design and art. I really want to learn more hand done techniques for typography and art.

Recently I went to Urban Source which is a recycling store in Vancouver. They really have a cool concept for a store. You can either buy individual items or use the paper bags they have and fill them up. The paper bags come in different sizes and prices. The bigger the bag the more you can stuff in it and the more you pay, but really it is a great deal since the range of items they have there is really cool. They had film tins there which I could see using for a time capsule or a end table top or game holder. The possibilities are endless really.

Back to the astronaut pictures. I think I am more the alien than the astronaut in the pictures. Usually the astronaut is oblivious to the alien watching him as he goes about his exploring. I feel like the astronaut might not even know he is there. Hmm I think I will make the alien do something to get noticed, because he is my favourite character.

Well Cheerio my fine feathered friends, and if you think of an experiment in media I should try. Please drop me a line. Thanks.


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