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Yes yes… I know all my adoring fans are waiting. Yes all two of you! You know who you are too, you lucky devils you!

I am back in La Crete, things are going well. I started working on a new “logo” and business card design for the store. I have a few ideas, but none stuck in glue yet. I might need to design the business cards first and then a logo later. Seems backward but I am having trouble assessing the essence of LRT that would best represent us.

I am learning to ask for what I want and to tell people how I feel. What a freeing concept, and why was I not able to do this before? I always spoke in riddles and didn’t know what I wanted. I know now, well a few things anyway.

1. I want to take more online training so I can be the best Graphic Designer possible. I asked my most challenging teacher if she knew any other alternatives for online training as I have already taken all of the courses offered by Ai. She is looking into a lead that is offered from Australia of all places. Hopefully they off an undergraduate program that is available online. If not I will keep looking.

2. Is something I want to shout out from the mountains and post on Facebook, but I need permission and to talk to a few people first. And to be honest is something personal that might not be what I think. Or turn out how I hope.

3. This could be the most important of all. I am learning that God really is interested in my life and He is in control of the direction it is taking. He is a gracious and forgiving Lord as well who loves me more than I can love Him. I am ever slipping and sliding, but He is always leading and guiding.

I have goals… I have dreams!  Praise the Lord can this be Open-mouthed smile


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