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The first day of the last week!

Such an auspicious occasion really, such an eventful quarter, a turning point in my life I must say.

I have been trying to figure out what triggered this battle in my mind that resulted in me going back home.

Okay I sat back on this idea, and I know it is all good. I have learned that I have made some really great friends whom I shall remember for a long time. This has been a good experience and I can check off one thing off my bucket list, well the imaginary one in my brain!

The shock of the Japan earthquake & Tsunami remind me once more about why I am going home. I am needed there, my family is important to me and I want to fulfill the role I was born into. The one I resented, but is such a blessing truly.

Why did God choose to make our business so successful? Why did we start it at just the right time? Why did my dad, a farmer, think that this store was needed? Honestly so many stars aligned with this business that it has taken off to the sky with success. People love us, even though we bungle at times and make mistakes.

One company insisted to Telus that they wanted to revamp their whole network of 50+ phones but through US!!! Can we handle it? I sure hope so!

So starting April 1 I will be taking training and getting reworked back into the business. My folks want to retire, and man those are big shoes to fill. Lucky me I have 2 brothers to help do it!!

Anyway, still waiting to see what happens to our world with the reactors in Japan. Scary thought really.


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