Thought conveyance portal.

Attendance is low…

almost 50% of our class is missing for this week? Strange…what is different with this semester than others? I sure hope they figure this all out as there are some very talented people in this group that amaze me everyday.

Perhaps they will have what it takes to shape our future? Perhaps the ones who are missing already know how to do this in Fireworks. I find this Website creation to be interesting. I hesitate to say very interesting as i seem to be fickle about what interests me.

I was told that I have a very low attention span…and looking back at this blog post I am assured that it is extremely possible that it s so. Do I wish to change this about myself? Ah…No…I need this to survive life.

I am listen to everything around me and absorb it through the pores in my mind. Being surrounded by people all the time is exasperating to me. I will enjoy being back in La Crete, where the pace of life is slower.

I will miss the people and the variety of people that I get to meet. I can talk to almost anyone and enjoy their company. I will also miss school a little, but not the stress.

Decisions…no matter what one does there is no avoiding them. Ever going back to work in the store and attempt to “take over” where my dad wishes to leave off will involve decisions. How what when… and back to work for my brothers. I sure hope we can figure out a way to each feel that we are carrying the load together, instead of anyone feeling like they are being short changed or overloaded.

It should be interesting anyway.


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