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Decision made, thoughts complete

Phew, some decisions are tough and take a while to make. Others take moments. How do we know what we have decided is the right thing?

I made an important decision today that I have been chewing on for 6 months. I am sure there will be people who think I made the wrong decision, and I know there are those who trust that I thought things through to come to this decision.

My advisor said,”In light of eternity will this matter?” I know it will not, GOd still has a big plan for me and this was one of the training sessions. What did I learn? I have lots to learn, but I am willing to make big decisions, try things out and I am seeking where He wants me.

I thought I knew, but then I hit this wall. I have straight A’s right now, but I am fighting for my life. Why?  Some will think I should have kept fighting, others will think I am weak, and some will think I am just a failure. I do not care, I know the One whose opinion matters. He loves me the same. All He requires is that I seek Him, and I shall keep seeking.

I feel like the end of the world will be soon, and I am not in the place where I have the most influence for good. I need to go there with the knowledge that I have gained and trust God for the rest. He knows me and what I need, even though I do not.

I struggle with thinking I am weak, and a failure, but I “feel” calm and at peace. The last time I felt this way was New Years Day. I want to feel this more.


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