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My how time flies…

This is week 8 out of 11 weeks. The clock is ticking and time is flying past. Projects, projects, projects… And only so much time.

I think my projects will be normal for some and I will give more time to others. The decision will be which gets what. My head swims when I think of projects and finals.

I look forward to the break and possibly finding ways to ignite my passion for Graphic Design again. Perhaps my “concept” about what I wanted for my future was not a strong owe and it needs more brain-storming and tours of different places of work. I wonder if the school has tours, it would be a good idea.

I have a start to each projects, now time to redefine them. I will tweak my “schedule” by allowing 4 hours work on Saturday but none on Sundays. I think this might make a good schedule, but I will need someone to keep me accountable.


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