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New plans for this quarter

I am learning so much about school and myself. Now this week I have started to try a different approach to time management, as I have been working too much to be healthy. I talked to my advisor and together we came up with a plan to create a good balanced work life.

8 hrs per course a week. So with 5 courses that is a 40 hour work week. We will watch how that works for the rest of this quarter and not worry about the grades as I have learned the content and might not have time to put in the extra effort for those straight ‘A’s I have gotten so far. I will be happy with a B and a healthy mental state. I believe that I will end up being much more productive in the long run with this strategy.

I realize I have a tendency to be a work-a-holic and it is seems hilarious that I am so relived that by someone telling me that taking time to live my life is okay. I knew it, but I felt guilty when I took time for me and kept thinking about my projects. Now I hope to go to school, work the 8 hour day and then relax for the evening and sleep in the night. It is hard to change my thought patterns, but I will give it time and not be hard on myself with my grades.

Funny the things one has to learn about themselves and then yet wait till one NEEDS to change before changing.



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