Thought conveyance portal.

I write today…

Because I am wondering who else gets confused about quote marks? I am sure it aid somewhere that periods go outside the quote marks when not…Ah I see now, Question marks can go inside or outside of quote marks. “Then it all makes sense.”

“If they belong to the quote they appear inside?”

“Yes! But if they do not then they do not, see now?”

Did the teleprompter really buzz as Fred said “I chew gum”?

Okay, I find it frustrating that I am divided amongst many widely varying projects. I am sure there is a reason for this as well. It seems like the teacher confere together to plan our destruc…okay, okay! I will try that again.

It seems like the teachers get together to plan our learning curb, not only teaching us the skills, tools and programs we will need but also honing our ability to multi-task and bear the weight of the stress of deadlines. This is an intense course, but it is great!


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