Thought conveyance portal.

It worked!

It worked! I successfully wrote HTML in TextWrangler and linked my blog, myvideo, our PDF booklet, and lexicons. And then I uploaded it to the web using Filezilla.

Check it out!!

Now what to do with it? I wonder how they add all the animation for clicking “buttons”? Is it a Flash file that “plays” as you click the hyper-text?

I need to do a few more Vblogs for this class. I think I will try and do one tonight with Nels and one tomorrow with Deborah, Silvy and the gang. Group projects make for more fun they say! I can shoot video on my Blackberry Bold as well.

I feel dizzy right now for some reason that I do not understand. It just started now…is it from the excitment of HTML? Or the stress from midterms? At least I know it is not from bad sushi like Colleen was talking about last night…ewwwww.

I think I need a drink of water. I will go now. This class room tends to be hot, maybe it is from the heat?


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