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Pot smoking neighbours…Grrrrr

Okay, I have been experiencing some weird panic attacks. I was not sure what they were from.

I am doing research today about the effects of Marijuana, because I think my neighbor is smoking pot in his apartment at night.

Panic attacks are one of the effects listed.

I think I am going to smoke proof the walls between us as much as possible and continue to put a blanket in front of my bedroom door at night. I have no proof he is baking himself, but the stench is quite unique. I do not do drugs, and do not see why I have to just accept it and move on. I will not try and dictate to him what to do with his life and if it does not improve I will look for another apartment. Before I get so far into things I will talk to him.

I do not need panic attacks…school gives me that already.


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