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Happy Father’s Day!

Okay well it is my father’s birthday! He is 66 years old today!

And I love him! So to my father I write:

Thanks for being a good role model and a compassionate man. You have been constant in my life and have encouraged me to grow, to think business and how to interact with people. You are always accepting and encouraging EVERYONE you meet.

I remember loads of your stories and tell them to people around me all the time. Usually I get a pretty warm response…often a strange look…sometimes a raised eyebrow…ALWAYS a laugh 🙂

I am really enjoying watching you learn to use the computer, texting and all the techy stuff your getting emersed in. You knew all the basics really I think, but now your gaining the confidence to use them and relaxing into it all.

Reminds me of your mom really. I have always been impressed and encouraged by her. I had the confidence to drive because she learned to drive at an advanced age, and I am getting encouraged by you as well. Learning new things and getting stronger.

God bless you and your life as you have blessed mine!

I miss you much and hope to see you in the summer, either you coming here or me going there!

Your daughter, Theresa.


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