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Nothing much

I wonder what to blog about today?

My parents moved into a house this month. I missed out on helping, I have not seen the inside…well I have seen the inside of their office on skype and a short tour of the hall by my mom.

I am killer homesick at this point. I am ready to do almost anything to not feel this way. It gets worse at night when I hear the monologue of thoughts burning through my mind. They range from “just quit school and move home” to “your just gonna fail”. I am looking for new ways to stop this cycle as suggested by my pastor. Tomorrow I think I will go to the church and join one of the groups that is meeting there.

I really wish I kept a dream journal too, as I have had some vivid ones. I worry that my neighbor is smoking pot and I am getting effected by it seeping into my apartment at night. I am trying not to be upset at him while I try and figure out how to ask if he is. Then I think what he does is his business, and perhaps I just need to tape up all the cracks between us. Sigh what to do.

I think this happened last term about now, and it passed after finals LOL. I do plan on hanging around Vancouver for this break, and focusing a bit more on practicing my skills with a few projects I have in mind.

Well off to homework! I am feeling much better mentally today too…I wonder if it is weekends that are getting me?




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