Thought conveyance portal.

Midterms are over…

But I know they will come again…


I am not sure how I am doing this term, as it is so different than last quarter. My classes are great, but it is sucha different world than in the fundamentals. I have more classes dealing with type, type-setting and technical things.

I think my gades might dip a little, and I tell myself that is not the important thing. I am learning, growing and changing. There is a plan there and a purpose.

I am trying to let God shine through in my work more, as I believe I have been hiding Him. This will be a bit of a learning curve as well…when is it too much and when is it enough. I shuld not try and force things, but I am headstrong and worry too much. Wait strike that I think too much.

One of my favorite things I am learning about is history. I like the idea of knowing where things come from and why they are what they are.

I don’t give one Iota!

Was a phrase that I have heard since I was a kid. I never got it, but now I know that an IOTA is the Roman I that was used for math or counting. IV is equal to four.

Hmmm or is that an IV…


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