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Today I learned HTML

It was pretty cool to actually have my links work and see them in action. The HTML language is not complicated once you know the commands, but it does make sense, even though it gets complicated with the flow of one folder to the next. I am glad my instructor shows us how to set this up in an organized fashion, which most-likely saves him time as he tries to lead us all through HTML.

So far my web-site looks very 5th grade, and that will change. I just do not seem to work very fast and my creativity gets locked up.

This was a pretty good class, very enjoyable and now on to the HOMEWORK!!  Par-Tay! Well I will be watching a movie with a friend, but that will be in the evening. I am getting resettled into the routine, and making sure to relax at times. I currently feel like I have things in hand, and THAT makes me feel worried that I am getting cocky again!…wait is that still?

I find it odd how I get interested and excited about a variety of differnet things I am learning. I almost feel like I could find “passion” in working with HTML…or Typography… or as an Artist… or…or…

I just do not know where I will end up after this training…should I know?


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