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What a wonderful world!

Just when I think I am going under a hand reaches out to save me. One would think that I would have learned stress management already, but I have not. I do have a few tips that work for me though.

1. Sleep enough that you are rested, not just enough to function.

2. Eat good meals. Skipping meals and running on empty will only go so far. Your body needs energy to function.

3. Laugh lots! Making time for friends and to relax is just as important to me making my dead-lines as the work itself.  I find that if I push 100% of the time I end up actually getting less done than when I take breaks to relax.

4. Do not take life so serious, nor yourself either. We all only get 24hrs a day, so calm down and make the most of them.

I am sure there are more.. take your vitamins, brush your teeth, drink lots of water… eat your veggies…  But hello!  Your mommy told you all of those when you were a baby, so I do not have to!

OH yeah! A friend’s t-shirt reminded me..

Eat Dessert first, life is uncertain!

I think that one is important too 🙂 Well have a good night and see you tomorrow.



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