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Hmmm Group assignements are interesting.

Well I am learning to work in groups, but when do we make our group for this assignment?  I hope soon, as I am a person to start early.  I think I will write down my ideas still, and perhaps even try and design a plan.

In any case I have lots of other homework to focus my creativity on and search out.  This is going to be an interesting week.

So much happened yesterday:

-family stresses (more with other family than with me)

-a baby born!!  A little girl!!

-my first neice turns 16… SIXTEEN can you imagine?  Why does she have to grow up?  What will she become? Does she know enough foundational skills to “make it?”



I wonder what the rest of the week (Saturday & Sunday) will be like?

Hmmm…too much to think of… and I need food.  Not McDs today… Thanks for dinner yesterday Janice!

Life is good!  Gotta keep going!


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