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My friends Al & Ewa's latest creation 🙂

Isn’t she the cutest baby ever!!  She is going to be a tall beautiful woman one day. It sure does not take long for that to happen either.  One moment they are wrapped in a cozy blanket and the next they are wearing leather and wanting the keys to the car! Not that I was like that, I am still a cozy blanket person and I only wear leather shoes.

For the privacy of my friends  I will not tell you her name or any details. It is enough that you admire her fresh and innocent face.

She reminds me of her brother a little but with a longer face. I think she will take after Ewa’s side, though honestly Al’s sisters have oval shaped faces as well.

Hmmm.  I just noticed I did not get that wondering thought about what her voice will sound like. I usually get that when I see new babies, but I have come to realize their voices are something that you grow into and very rarely do they just suddenly appear.

I missed the o in voices…but it was still a true statement. Our vices grow from little things too and rarely do those just appear. Funny how a typo can totally change my train of thought!

WOW I need to text congratulations, as I jumped right into typing this instead of replying!


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