Thought conveyance portal.

Laundry is one of the things I love…

However it has to be done the right way…

Cold-water, sun-shining, cloths-line dried and relaxed.  That is really how it is done right you know!  I also do not like smelly perfumes… I want to smell like me not like Tide… however I love the smell of Tide on a well dressed warm man!  Strange how it make me sneeze when I use it, but on someone else no worries?

Probably another mental moment..Mind over matter?  I mind cause it matters!!

Project ideas

Funny how an idea gets stuck in your head and it is hard to dislodge to get another idea working.  Or to explore the possibilities.  I think that is what I am learning in concept development.  That and to work faster!!  I wanted to learn that.. now I am!


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