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Lessons learned in the first half of the first semester!

1. Time is relative… the heavier the assignment the shorter the week!!  Actually I am learning to manage my time… Up till today I have pushed to get my projects done.  I have worked hours at a time on a project… Driving myself nuts!  Today I set a timer and did 1-2hour sessions.  I am progressing well and feeling positive about the project.

2.  I have a stress issue.  I stress out.  I realize this time at school is time God has given me to identify and I pray to deal with this stressing about life.  I am not the most patient person when it comes to myself so this is added on top of all that. 

3.  I miss people… I need a place where I know I am accepted and I can be the nutcase that I know and love.  I didn’t think I was holding back my true character, but as I look back over the last week I can see times when I have relaxed… and it was good.  One of the high lights would be a mini meeting with my FB club story members.  The three of us brain stormed… the computer boys talked in a foreign language, but I was still an active participant, and very Tera. 

4.  I have a communication problem with people that I am close to but do not put my trust in.  I need to be more forthcoming with my feelings and communicate in a more open way.  My attempts at this here have not turned out well, but I have to trust my new friends and those that don’t turn out perhaps were not true friends anyway.  I will need much grace and patience in this.  I know I am not always right, but I am not always wrong either.

5.  School is a privilege not a right.  Many people want to go to school, lots can not afford the money or the time.  Us lucky few who get this opportunity should appreciate it more and not complain about the work loads, we are learning.  And even if we learn that we do not know what we are doing we HAVE learned and should apply that knowledge to the task at hand.

6.  Friends are still friends even through time and space and we can trust in their love for us.  Not to neglect friends at a distance, but to be 100% there when you do connect, and trust that they miss you just as much as you miss them in the mean time. 

7.  I do not get to talk enough LOL… I went for a walk and started a conversation with myself.  This is happening more and more… Honestly I am not nuts!!!

This is my latest homework.  I do not know my grade yet… But I am learning!!!

8.  People are not always who you think they are… sometimes your surprised and sometimes disappointed.  Either way you learn something about yourself in the process too.


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