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Well I met my Drawing teacher privately…

Her name is Janet and she is really encouraging as well as honest.  I enjoyed talking to her today and she says she is not worried about my drawing since I have “a good eye”.  She is looking forward to my work actually… I was not sure i was on the right track, but I knew I liked what I was seeing… I showed her my sketches for life-drawing as well.  There was one area that she saw that might have needed a bit of tweaking or another step, but she said I should leave it.  I showed her my initial doodles of the project and she asked me to hand that in as well and sounds like she is going to keep it. 

Now I am at school and do not feel like going home for an hour and then coming back for my 8 hr day… so I shall veggitate out and read about Machu Picchu …. I am going to be writing a essay about it. 

Right now I am sitting in the student lounge and smelling wonderful cooking smells… They are trying to torture me!!  I will get one good meal today I think.  I will buy the hot meal and then snack for supper.  I brought a lunch….hmmm I forgot a spoon lol. 

The water in my apartment has started tasting better… I must be dehydrated and so my body is lying to me about the taste.  “drink it Theresa…you will like it, we shut off the taste buds for this one…yeah… DRINK IT!!!”  Just what I need… another voice in my head lol. 

Well I just killed half of my battery on this little nonsense blog…  I will be doing another travelling blog in the next few days to show you all what Sara Grace and I were up to for Thanksgiving….which is why I need a nap…  to dream of fun times!!


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