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Sunday morning in the desert….

Who said the moisture is what would get me?  I think it is the heat that might burn me more!! 

Rachel gave me the book “through painted deserts” and she was bang on with what I am experiencing now.  Not only is Donald Miller’s journey similar to mine, but I am in a painted desert!  Spiritually I am in a desert and a time of testing mixed with character building.  The desires of my natural heart are fighting with my desire to please God.

There are earthly pleasures I would love to know and be a part of, but I know that my heart will never be settled in them with out them being blessed by my heavenly Father.  I am changing from who I was, but the stragglers on of my desires are being revealed, and some just pointed out because I know they are there.  What am I going to do about them?  Can I do anything?…I have tried on my own for years…How do I sincerely and honestly and completely give them over to God to change or fill with something good?

Well I am going to take a simple approach, and just do good where I can.  I will aim for what is good, holy and pure…for what is honest, wholesome and trust-worthy.  Not what is safe though, as I believe God wants us to take risks and experience life.  I want to take risks He will join me in!  That I think is the key.

Broadway Church has a singing Christmas tree, and I am going to join them.  I want to burn the Word of God onto my heart in song, for this is the best way for me to retain it….and I need more songs in my brain…words and tunes!  I also hope to join a small group in an out-reach program, as I know God would be pleased with this choice. 

It has been an exciting time here so far in the month of September…  I wonder what October brings?   Tomorrow at 8:30am I start my “brick & mortar” classes…  Lord help me to be humble and confident, ready to learn and to teach, open to new ideas but beholden to Your ideas. 

Seize the day my friends!!  I will be painting on a mural on Renfrew & 4th ave this afternoon.  It is for a day-home, should be fun.


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