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The bridge over the river Quay…no no Lonsdale Quay Market

“your mild attempt at humour has failed… please try again later….”

Well I continued my adventures…  I had great plans to go to Stanley Park and do a long walk around the seawall, taking pictures and perhaps sketching.  However as plans go I am not a stickler at the moment.  I make them,check routes and then go where ever I feel like it as the day rolls on!

I booked my tickets to go home for Christmas, and got a little worried that I might have to change the dates… Well it was a seat sale.. so that means I can NOT change the tickets.  I am sure I will be able to work with it, I shall not panic yet…perhaps after the 30th.

Sooo… after I got the pep in my step and the sun on my skin I walked to the Renfrew Skytrain and off I went to …um the SEABUS!  Yes yes I abandoned my whole plan and went to the market.  I had the foresight to purchase an all day pass so I could go ANYWHERE, all day, at any time, willy-nilly and all that good stuff.  I find people watching fascinating..people listening is fun too. 

So there I was in the thick swarm of people… it was man …wait I am a woman… hmmm  … woman against a tidal wave of human bodies (living and breathing so don’t go creepy okay!)  To the left there were people to the right MORE people… all around in a swirling confusing haze… Okay okay I know I got a little dramatic, but if your reading this I want it to be interesting… I wonder if anyone reads this.

Well since the day was lovely and the sun shone even with the forecast saying it should rain, everyone and their dog’s bbf were out today.  I ate at a food place… rats what was the name…Dex Gourmet Burger Bar.  I had a Salmon burger, next time i would hold off on some of the toppings as I like to taste the actual food part not just the sauces.  The chips were awesome.  There was this cool place next to it called Montgomery’s Fish and Chips.  I am taking my mom there next time she is here.

I missed the ferry by 15 seconds…actually I decided NOT to run to catch it and purchased a gelato instead… was it GOOD mmmm mmmm,  The next ferry was in 10 minutes, so I had time to eat it.

I love boats… I really want to ride on a tall ship one day.

When I caught the next ferry again the swarm of people, but I was cool and confident.  I have every right to get on the bus and there is lots of room.

After this I got out of Waterfront station and went to check out Gastown.  This is a really historic, touristy and expensive place.


This fine fellow was really interested in the solar flashlight keychain my dad gave me.  I gave him a dollar and asked if I could take his picture.  He has no toes.  But he is smart and friendly.  When I first saw him I though, “he looks like Jesus.”  It is humbling to know that no matter our station in life God loves us and calls us family.  This man is someone’s father, brother, son and friend, but above all that he is fearfully and wonderfully made by our heavenly Father just like each of us.


And this fellow is Gassy Jack… A fore founder of Vancouver…or something… So many people wanted to pose by him I never got a chance to read about him LOL

Well the sky got overcast, and it started to feel dark so I headed home.  I think I am learning the transit system, I just need confidence at times.

Sleep well all!! Theresa


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