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The wrap up of season one…

Okay okay my life is not a series of chapters or a TV show, but here I sit on the last day of my online schooling… School starts in class on October 4th.  There was a portfolio show at the school today and I went down to see what was happening there.  LOTS!  It was a bit over-whelming with all the people, but the students sure turned out some excellent work.  I didn’t think pictures were appropriate, but perhaps they were.  Family members were taking pictures of their student and with their student, it was a victory celebration.  Energy levels were high with students and with the spectators.

I started on the upper level looking through the interior design part, thinking about a student I met in Fundamentals of D  Eva Roberts, the interior designer.  I wonder what she is doing now?  The students were all professional and friendly, some were timid but all were excited in some way to show the world what they had accomplished in a 2yr program.  I could see that they were all given the same “problems” to solve with their own solutions… so much to learn.  After talking to a few of the interior design students I felt more at ease to talk to the graphic design students… the ones that will be my peers in 18 months… Will I be as confident as they were?  They would say “feel free to ask questions” to which I answered “I am not certain which questions I want to ask”.

The first person in the door was a fellow named Cole.  (Okay girls yes he was good looking and confident with a friendly easy to talk to way about him.)  As I looked through his portfolio he politely and with great enthusiasm explained what each page was about, each project and even some hidden meanings in is designs.  I wondered if he thought I was a possible opportunity for a job, but when I told him I was going to attend the school in October his enthusiasm did not end, he was just as willing to talk to me and show me his stuff!  I told me to take a business card if I would like, perhaps the students were all told to do that?  He told me about how he used illustrator for logos and such because of the way the program uses vector masks and you can easily resize objects with no loss of resolution.  (I think I have figured out how to do this in Photoshop, but it is much easier in Illustrator though I have little experience with that program.  I am sure I will learn.

Then I talked to a young lady who was really soft spoken but equally enthusiastic.  They all loved what they were doing.  This lady had some fru fru fluffy ideas which were not my style but still well crafted.  She redesigned the book cover of Hitchhikers’ Guide and made a really cool “box set” but only for the first three books as she said the four one she didn’t count lol.  It was interesting to see that they all did the same things but so creative in their own style.

The third person I talked to was Laura.  She was from Hong Kong and was going there to see family for a few months before pursuing her career.  She walked me through all her designs and in the end there was a book that they each had to design.  Cole did a comic strip guide to Scotland he had a real catch name “under the Kilt, over the Hedge and through the Glen”  something like that…the kilt line made me laugh so I remembered that.  Another girl made a book with b&w photos that accompanied poetry, one picture made me think of Jack the Ripper and the poem went right on with that theme.  Laura wrote a book about her struggle with depression, letters between her and God.  She had illustrations of herself and a evil her that kept pushing her down.  Really interesting work there and she also redesigned “Life” to be “super Mom’s life”  it looked like a fun game, but she never played the board she created…mores the pity.

I peeked in on the fashion department and wished I had Colleen there to schmooze with people while I looked around.  The one girl I talked to had far out designs and she herself was styled like a rocker punk.  She has an amazing heart though and her hope is to design cloths for young women, to build up their esteem and make sure the cloths are kids cloths not smaller adult versions!  She told me that she didn’t know how to sew when she first got there.  I told her they forced us to learn where I came from and she just laughed.  I could see that she valued it as a life skill.  I was a tad intimidated by these students.

I had dressed up for the occasion and had taken the bus to the school because I was late… I saved 2.50 by walking back in the pouring rain… I know I am nuts, but I just laugh at myself about this.  The shoes I bought on my birthday did indeed keep my feet toasty and dry the whole way.  Guess that guy was an honest shoe salesman after all!

The rest of the evening I relaxed as I had done my homework during the day.  I will check in tomorrow and see if I need to revise anything but I am confident in my work and ready to be completed.  I was sitting at 97% at the end of week 5 I wonder what my final mark will be?  I wonder what my professors really thought of my work, what did they think when I was not reading their thoughts?  Do they wonder what I will be doing in a few years… do they look forward to it?  Or am I one in a thousand hopeful artists?   Maybe I will take up writing… I seem wordy enough!!  One student asked if I was a teacher or Alumni… I laughed…did I look like I could be?  I know Professor Ingrid has made comment more than once at how I am very detailed in my critiques… Isn’t that what we are supposed to be doing?  We are learning and looking to see what we have learned.

I watched a movie…. all on my own… how boring…  Next time I will be in a theatre!!  I can watch with strangers and laugh or feel the tension ..or cry, at least I will hear the people reacting to what I am reacting to… there is comfort in a shared experience…even with strangers.


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