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Well I am officially a member of the artist society here…

Okay okay I am a member of the Vancouver Art Gallery.  I can visit here anytime I want between the hours of 10am-5pm.  I was checking out their memberships because I seem to walk past here ALL the time.  Even when Colleen and I visited here to check out the school we walked past this building lots.

The girl who sold me the membership was a doll, I asked her if Ai qualified as a “school” because it doesn’t for everyone.  She seemed all excited and just needed a valid student ID.  This was great news because the “frugal” La Crete girl wanted to pay the least amount possible.  Membership is $75!!… I saw that I could pay $55 if I showed her my Alberta license, but it was $45 for a student.  I need to stop spending money like I have the same job I had before, but this was an investment in a place to be quiet or to take tours and learn about art.  They give great tours.

My only bad experience was that “the coat check girl” was rude and snobby.  Now I understand her job is boring and I might have asked a dumb question, but I AM A MEMBER you have to be nice.  I have been thinking of ways to liven up her job…. I think my annoy-a-tron is going to be in my purse the next time I check it.  HA HA HA HA…  I will give her a reason to be sour…. and when I leave a reason to rejoice LOL.  I was also thinking carrying strange objects for her to store…I think this would also make her life more interesting.  Any suggestions?

The local wild life… actually the people are the wild life here, and yes they are wild.

I took this picture not because I think pigeons are exotic or strange… I know they are common place, but I was enjoying how the lines and the colors were working together with the blue grey of the birds.

I went to the 9am church service, getting up early is over-rated next Sunday it is the 11am and I will sit with my new friend Deborah.  We met at Crave which is a “young adults group” and they said I qualified.  I have to admit I like older styles of music where you can hear yourself and sink deep into worship, but perhaps it was the unfamiliarity with the songs they were singing.  At the end of Crave they had a questionnaire about what groups you would like to be involved in… There were so many good choices I marked the ones that interested me…then circled the ones that really interested me.  I know Outreach is the one God wanted me to be in.  I might have to tell them that…it was the “serious” one that jumped off the page and said “pick me pick me”  but I do not always want to be serious..or maybe I was scared.  I have been scared a lot lately, it is beginning to rattle my nerves.

I need to take more pictures for you folks!!


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