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happy birthday to me a happy birthday to me…

And it was a good day.

It started off with a birthday song from my mom, and I got mail!  Birthday cards and on-line greetings… so many people remembered it was crazy.  I wanted to make sure to get out of the house by noon… or I would miss all that I wanted to do.  I was showered and ready and out of the door by 11:30… I even packed grapes which I just remembered now… I should eat those LOL DONE!

I loaded up my purse and I went down to the bank and made a deposit first.  They are trying to talk me into a debit visa card?  I might do it too as some places charge for debit.  I donated a few bucks and got an pink lemonade.

Then off to catch my bus!  I knew which number I was looking for but had long since past where I was to be at the stop.  I trusted there were more stops and there were 🙂  I am learning!

I rode the #135 bus up to Tinseltown, it stops 2 mins away in a less scary feeling area than the #16.  It was a great little mall like area.. but really few people.  I think it has yet to be discovered.. though the shops in there are all 50% off, I wonder if they are closing.

I walked around to find some cool art and a pet store.  It was feeding time at the pet store, even the fish came begging to the front of the tank, it was quite the experience.  The kittens were all loud and wanting my attention.  really cute to.

As you can see the architecture of the mall was really out of this world.  I think it was built or remodelled for the Olympics and it was fantastic.  If only they can get people to come in and shop it would be a great place.

The bottom level is shopping, the 2nd floor food court and shopping and the 3rd floor is all movies all the time!  The escalators are open from top to bottom, I was careful not to get vertigo as I rode to the top.  But I am getting ahead of myself!

I went in search of the jewel which is “Death by Chocolate” on Robson street… I look hither and thither, I looked up and I looked down.  I circled and I squared but couldn’t find it.  It closed 5 years ago….5 YEARS!! I was a little late, so i ate a wonderful Salmon dinner instead of decadent chocolate.  I will find a sweet treat..oh yes I will.

There was a funny mix-up, the waitress that took my order was not the waitress who was supposed to serve me … so along comes Alissa and with a second glass of water… oops.  Then she asked me to describe the waitress that was serving me and she went to have a little chitchat with her. 





I bought a new pair of shoes at “New Balance”…perhaps that is why they both want to serve me so bad?  They are black leather and look very business like, but they should keep my feet dry in the rain and look sharper than runners!

This was some interesting wall art I found.  When I was here with Colleen they had started it … and they are still not finished.

After dinner I went back to Tinseltown to watch Despicable Me.  And I LOVED it.  I laughed out loud with the handful of people in the theatre.  It was great.  I read some crazy article in a newspaper before this.  There is a strange strange world out there.

Well after the movie it was a simple thing to find the right bus stop and head home.  It was early enough that the streets were not crawling with people of unusual (or different than me) character.  The bus ride home was uneventful, no man telling me all the cool things about Vancouver this time.  I really should learn to get people’s names or something, but one hates to intrude on someone if they just want to pass the time on the bus chatting.

I finished off my birthday with a few friends on 12DS and now it is off to slumber land for me.  Sleep tight all you peeps!!!


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