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Granville Island revealed…. not really an island at all!

Well I having been having a bit of trouble getting out of my house in time to do anything… I still have to find a movie theatre yet, but perhaps when I know someone to go with.  My friend Colleen said she has a “by 3pm” rule that seems to help her get going in time.  This seemed to help yesterday when I went on my adventure.

I followed my next-door neighbours advice and went to check out the library which is a short walk up Renfrew and along Hastings St.  I need mail and a passport to get a library card, so I am waiting on that. 

I then missed the bus I needed to get on so I went and setup a student bank account instead.  The fellow who helped me was fun, but it was close to the end of his day.  He set me up and gave me some valuable information… like I can not get a student line of credit for my school, and I can not get a personal line of credit since I am not making enough money.  I think God wants me to use my savings…perhaps I will take a loan out against my savings…  then again my savings LOST money this last year and I am annoyed that I have it locked away where it is shrinking! 

HEY!  I just went to get a yogurt out of my fridge and I have a whole MONTH before they expire.. why did it seem like only a few weeks back home?

Anyway the walk down Hastings was really interesting as it is an older area and a bit run down, but cool with neat shops and places to eat.  The library was bustling with people and there were a dozen bikes out side.  I do not think I would walk there alone at night though, it didn’t have that feeling, though I am told I am wrong about that.

Well I got on the bus and started people watching which is really interesting.  One thing I learned about the buses is that they display their “end of the line” address on the front with the number, this makes it real easy to identify which one you want as long as you know where that is of course.  Google maps will give you the specifics “016 Hastings” for instance.  The bus ride seemed long but there was so much to see.  I am a little timid to take out my camera and take pictures, but perhaps I will get braver.  I had to switch buses at one point and it all went smooth as glass…well smooth glass really.

So I am riding the second bus thinking…”hmmm I should have written clearer instructions for my last stop, hmmm?”  I do actually miss the correct one, but it was cool since I got to walk past some Vespa Scooters…mmmmm they are FINE! Uh huh.  Again i took no pictures!! 

Well after a short walk I found I was LOST!  Okay not really just unsure of which direction to take next…(is that really lost?)  I found an information panel with a map, but honestly it did NOT help…perhaps I am challenged LOL.  I broke down and asked for directions…it WORKED!!  what do you know!!  I was under the Granville Bridge at the time and I had the strangest feeling like I was in New York or Seattle with all the concrete and the height of said concrete.  There was a fantastic wall design there:

A really cool find I think!  The road to Granville Island follows the bridge, which is like walking in a cathedral with high vaulted ceilings and ivy covered pillars, quite the experience on it’s own. 

The island itself is crawling with places to eat, artists and shops.  This was a really cool experience, but alas I have no more pictures to share… as I just didn’t take any more!  It was great to see and hear the gulls as the fishermen were busy cleaning the catch of TODAY!

I can not get over the height of the trees and the amount of people and how this all seems surreal.  How can I be living close to all this?


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